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We have monitoring stations world wide
Monitoring Features

TurnKey Monitoring lets you customize monitoring time-intervals of 2, 10, 15, 30 and 60 Minutes so you can always known the moment your web site is not responding.

  • Email and SMS alert - you are notified by email and/or SMS.

  • Multiple Web Site Monitoring - manage multiple websites, and servers for monitoring from the same account!

  • Text Search / Matching for a web page to trigger alerts

  • Response Time and Performance Tracking

  • Automated Error Retesting to avoid false reports

  • Tracking and Historical Review for Length of Downtime

  • SMS / Email customizable Alerts based on Length of Downtime

  • Customizable escallation of alerts, based on length of downtime

  • Built-in charts and reports of your web site uptime

  • View demo reports

24 x 7 x 365 Non-Stop Monitoring

TurnKey Monitoring watches your web sites and servers non stop, 24 x 7. Leave this tedious job to our automated service, and enjoy peace of mind!

Member Statistics

Monitor the following protocols:

  • HTTP: Web Server
  • HTTP Web Content Verification
  • POP3: Email Server
  • SMTP: Outgoing Email Server
  • SSL: Web Secure Socket Layer
  • DNS: Domain Name System
  • FTP: File Transfer Protocol
  • HTTPS: Secure Web Server
  • MYSQL: MySQL Databases
  • MSSQL: Microsoft SQL Databases
  • IMAP: Internet Message Access
  • TCP: Define ANY Custom TCP Port
  • PING / ICMP status check

    Advanced Monitoring Features

TurnKey Monitoring lets you verify specific key words appear on a web page, perfect for testing your wordpress blog fully renders your web pages with the content you expect.

Support for custom ports to monitor your servers, and Blacklist monitoring to help keep an eye on your IP reputation of your mail servers provide the most advanced features available in the industry today.

Key Features

  • Keyword Checker for Websites
  • Custom Port Monitoring of Servers
  • Support for HTTP and HTTPS Secure Web Sites
  • Blacklist Monitor - great for Mail Servers
  • Web Login (basic auth) Support
  • Public Web Page Status Reporting
  • Email & SMS Text Alert Notifications

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