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Web Monitoring Help and FAQ

1. Do I need to install or setup any software?
TurnKey Monitoring is fully automated, there is no software to download or install in order to monitor your web site. Just login via your web browser and type in the web site you want to monitor, and where you want to be alerted (email or text messages) and that's it! You can optionally download our windows system-tray alert program that in real time will pop up warnings if your site is down as well.
2. Can I monitor servers at my home or office?
Yes - as long as your server has a public IP that anyone on the internet can reach, TurnKey Monitoring can watch and alert you of any problems accessing your server or web site.
3. How can I contact TurnKey Monitoring?
You can contact us via the web contact us page, or login to our client area and click on 'support'.
4. How do you determine if a server is up?
Our software checks the server response code from your host and if the server response code is "200", "302", "301", "403" or "401", your hostname is considered "up".
5. How far back do you keep monitoring statistics for my account?
Detailed statistics for each domain are kept for 2 months while statistic summaries are kept for the life of the account. All statistics for our premium accounts are keep for the life of the account.
6. How many web site domains or servers can I monitor?
You can monitor 50, or more web site domains on your account depending on which package you selected at signup. You can upgrade plans as well.
7. We already have an internal monitoring system, why would we need your system?
The Internet is a node/gateway based system with many access paths to your web site. The only way to know what your potential customers, and existing clients will see is to test access from remote locations (to simulate where your clients are accessing from). You may not realize access from certain regions of the country or world can't reach your site, and knowing about it before lost sales pile up is the key to any online web site's success.
8. What are the costs for your services?
TurnKey Monitoring provides all of our basic services free of charge and our premium monitoring services with additional features start as low as $2.95 per month.
9. What protocols do you support for monitoring?
We support: HTTP, FTP, POP3, SMTP.
Additional protocols are available with our premium services.
10. Why choose TurnKey Monitoring?
We offer more value for less money, period. Check out how we compare against other monitoring service providers.
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