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We have monitoring stations world wide which watch your web site performance
Monitoring Your Web Site

Your business relies on your Web Site - you and your customers demand 100% uptime, but who is making sure your web site is online?

Your web site can be down and you never know until a customer contacts you. Potential sales can be lost because you were un-aware that your web hosting provider had a failure. The key is to know as soon as possible so you can take action before customers are affected and business lost.

  • Monitor Web Sites
  • Monitor Servers (Mail, Web, Database)
  • Alerts to Email and SMS (cell phones)
  • Customizable Alerts (multiple people)
  • Multiple Geographic Monitoring Stations
  • Easy to Use Web Interface
  • Customize What to Monitor
  • Windows systray Alerts
  • How Web Site Monitoring Works
    Our worldwide monitoring stations conduct rigorous RFC-compliant protocol tests on your Web sites and servers. You can select how often, and which remote monitor stations (New York, London, etc) you want to monitor your web site. If your web site is not verified to be online we will send you an alert via email or SMS text message. We also notify you as soon as the web site is back online

    Our monitoring software tracks all failures and logs detailed reports of the uptime/downtime of your website each day. These reports are available for you to browse via our web based control panel.

    There is no software to install or configure - simply login to TurnKey Monitoring and add your web site to be monitored and we will notify you if there is a problem accessing your web site.

    Customize Your Own Monitors And Alerts

    TurnKey Monitoring gives you the ultimate control to monitor your web sites and servers. You can customize how (vie email or text SMS message) to be alerted in case your web site is down. You can customize these alerts to only be sent after a certain period of down time to minimize false alerts. You can even customize alerts for each geograhpic monitoring region.

    For instance: TurnKey Monitoring can send an alert if your web site is down for more than 10 minutes when monitored from New York or if the site is down more than 1 hour as determined from our London monitoring station.

    You have complete customization abilities on how alerts send, for each and every web site or server you monitor! You can set multiple email addresses or SMS text numbers in series for being alerted when a web site is down based on different intervals of time. For example, your IT staff get notified after 30 minutes of down time, but the business owner gets both an email and SMS text message after 4 hours of down time.

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